The Effort through to the Coaching

Written by Ana de Ossó - Published on the 20 April 2010
Ana de Ossó life coach with Fundació Espavila
Definition of effort according to the Collins dictionary: “ … use of physical or mental energy; hard work;”
I do not think that our society do not believe in effort. I think that we live in a society without vision and this lack of vision is the reason that we are not able to make efforts properly.
How many of you have ever thought about what is his/her north in life? … if we do not know our north, do we know to where exactly are we going? Do we know then where should we direct our efforts?
When we have a mission, when we create a strong motivating vision, then we generate an energy that transmutes the effort in enthusiasm. But to achieve that, you must dare to do it.
Who dares to do it?
Who dares to dream beyond his/her actual circumstances?
Who dares to arise an objective that makes you tremble inside?
Do you think that from this point of view can we talk then about “effort” with the usual negative connotations? We are talking about energy, we are talking about to make things happen and we are talking about the effort of transformation that this aim requires.
In the end, it is not about what you achieve, otherwise is about in who you became to get it.
Wise up to make things happen!

Ana de Ossó Life Coach