Written by Joan Vila Pont - Published on the 15 March 2011
Freedom of speech is a right that everybody has to express his opinion, without censuring. And we understand freedom of the press as an extension of freedom of speech in any oral, written or printed media. But, does a real freedom of speech exist? I think that in practice it is rather difficult. The most worldwide important media are mostly under the influence of political, financial or religious powerful groups. For this reason, the ideas expressed by that media will be imposed to other that do not have the same diffusion opportunity.
Written by Ana de Ossó, Coach i col·laboradora amb la Fundació Espavila - Published on the 2 March 2011
Through my job as a coach, I hear to talk about the need to find new “tools” that help us to manage our emotions in a better way. We look for it outside when it is inside.
Written by Joan Vila Pont - Published on the 11 February 2011
The old same story wishing a Happy New Year that we, year after year in an intuitive way share out to our friends fell behind. But now, that all these euphoria wishes have gone past, do we think that this year will be a good one? Taking into consideration that crisis the legacy left by the year 2010, it is possible to be hopeful about the year that has just begun? I think that despite all these problems, this should be an encouraging year.
Written by Darina Nikolaeva, psicòloga i col·laboradora de la Fundació Espavila - Published on the 21 December 2010
But what is life? What is being a person? It's important to ask this question because the answer is the basis of education, and the answer implicitly guides educational acts.
Written by Joan Vila Pont - Published on the 14 December 2010
What is coaching? What’s for? Coaching means “to train” and consists to accompany people to realize their own abilities, which will be very helpful in order to achieve personal and professional objectives.
What do I ask to the new Government of Catalonia?
Written by Joan Vila Pont - Published on the 10 December 2010
As a Catalan person and as a member of a Foundation that believes in the effort culture values, I allow myself to ask to the new government a couple of things that are probably shared with the great majority of Catalan people. I do not refer to a parliamentary or forced majority, I am referring to all Catalan people that, without to kick up a racket, want the best for our country...
Housing right
Written by Joan Vila Pont - Published on the 16 November 2010
To have at our disposal a decent place to live, under economic and sustainable conditions is a right of our society. Public Administration and all involved agents must wise up to do this happen.
ENTHUSIASM. The driving force of our projects.
Written by Joan Vila Pont - Published on the 8 November 2010
From time to time we find people, which regardless of their age, really enthusiastic, not happy or optimistic and then, they spread the way that they understand certain things. Francesc Torralba says that enthusiasm cannot be sale or buy, but we have right to find something that can fill us of enthusiasm. We should do the effort to try it. Wise you up!
Written by Joan Vila i Sandra Compte, Patronat Fundació Espavila - Published on the 16 July 2010
Make the effort to understand and learn our culture.
Effort culture and Public Administration
Written by Joan Vila Pont - Published on the 5 July 2010
"Las cosas de Palacio van siempre muy despacio", “It all takes time”. This is what we have always said about Public Administration.
Generational effort and progress
Written by Joan Vila Pont - Published on the 22 June 2010
Espavila Foundation wants to homage to all these people that trough their effort, have facilitated our development Espavila’t in order to go ahead.
The Effort through to the Coaching
Written by Ana de Ossó - Published on the 20 April 2010
Ana de Ossó life coach with Fundació Espavila