fundaci├│ espavila is a Private Foudation constituted with the objective of fomenting and promoting the values of the culture of the Effort in our society, in all its aspects.

You can contact us at:

fundaci├│ espavila
c/Girona, 62 1r. pis - 08402 Granollers
Tel. 93 879 25 61 - Fax. 93 870 25 61

Contact persons:
Sandra Compte / Joan Vila

Article 5 of the Statutes of the Foundation states the following:
"It constitutes the objective and goal of the Foundation to promote in general the values of a culture based on Effort in our society, and in particular to help those people that, missing the economical resources to do so, want to develop, through their effort, any personal, cultural or professional activity, without expecting inmediate economical profit. (We explicitely exclude any help to the superation of any kind of addiction)."

Article 6 of the Statutes of the Foundation states the following:
"The activities of the Foundation will take place, mainly, in the territory of Catalonia, and always in agreement with the current law."

fundaci├│ espavila has the protectorate of the Generalitat de Catalunya, with number 2631.